Advantages of EV

Electric vehicles or EV’s are battery-electric vehicles and include an electric motor, instead of a combustion engine. They have become increasingly popular. According to an article in the Irish Times, Ireland is expected to have around 1 million EV’s by 2030. Even Volvo declared that all the cars it produces by 2030 will be all electric and sold online! While electric vehicles are continuing to become the norm, many people still don’t have their hands on them yet. It’s time to start thinking about investing in one, and here are some advantages of EV to get you started:

Low Running Costs

You can expect to save costs on fuel since you won’t be paying for petrol to keep your car running. Depending on the kind of EV you decide to purchase and the tariff plan you go for, you can expect to save quite a bit of money to run your car.  EV chargers are quite energy efficient. Combined with the much lower cost of energy/kilometer of electrical energy as compared to petrol/diesel, they can help you save quite a bit of money in the long run.

For example, charging the Audi E Tron will set you back approximately €8.23 for a 100 mile coverage. To top it off, you can also install solar panels to your charging station to gain additional charging ports completely free of cost.

If this already sounds like the perfect deal, get your hands on an amazing car and contact us for the best EV charger installers galway!

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Efficient Performance

Earlier, EV’s didn’t have the best looks or performances as compared to traditional vehicles. However, ever since more manufacturers have brought their ideas to the market, the performances of EV’s have skyrocketed. Not only are electric vehicles lighter, but their acceleration is quite powerful. This is because all of the energy is generated and consistent from the start.

No Emissions or Fuel

One of the best advantages of EV for most people is the environmental impact. If you’re also looking to reduce your personal impact on the environment and promote sustainability, an EV is for you. An EV runs on an electric engine which operates on a closed circuit. It does not emit any gases that contribute to global warming. You will also reduce your carbon footprint since you won’t be needing any diesel or petrol to get your car running!

What’s even better? You can charge your car from the comfort of your home! As the best car charger installers galway, we can also help you set up Myenergi Zappi Chargers that also run on renewable energy and can dramatically shrink your carbon footprint.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit more family-friendly, there are many EV’s that are much more spacious than a traditional car due to the lack of a large engine. They may also offer a smoother or less noisy drive.

Low Maintenance

All cars will require different levels of care from time-to-time. However, traditional engines may require expensive maintenance throughout their lifespan, but an EV doesn’t. A traditional engine has over a 100 moving parts which can go haywire, but an EV has around 20 or fewer, which contributes to its lower maintenance costs.

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Take Advantage of EV

Now that you know about the many advantages of EV, it’s your decision if you want to invest in a good EV because of its many benefits. If you’d like some help with EV charger installation Galway, contact us at Claddagh Electrics to book an appointment or visit a store nearby!