Claddagh EV and the Zappi Charger

All-electric vehicles or EV’s are the future and the electric car market is already growing exponentially. By 2025, around 20 percent of new cars that will be sold will be electric. With the spike in EV’s, there is a larger demand for smart chargers to promote sustainability, keeping in mind the car owner’s values.

If you’re looking for the best car charger installer in Galway, we install EV charging stations in homes, offices, car parks, and government buildings. We can also link our chargers to an existing solar panel system through free generated electricity to charge your car. You can also monitor the electricity and charge times and percentages on an app via your mobile phone.

Myenergi-Zappi Chargers 

My-energy Zappi is one of the world’s first solar EV chargers, and a best seller. Apart from functioning as a standard EV charger, it also has a charging mode that uses green energy through solar power or wind energy.


  • The charger will provide a ROI or return on investment for your electric car and panels.
  • It is user-friendly and easy to install, but if you need any help, then you can count on us as the best EV charger installers galway.
  • Operates as a standard EV charger by using power from the grid if you don’t have solar panels.
  • You can easily manage your power with the help of an app.
  • Has a three year warranty

How it Works

You can use excess solar power from your panels to generate electricity and power your car. To generate the solar power, you will need to have solar panels already installed and since the energy is free, you can get free miles too. If you need help installing solar panels to set up your EV charger, we can help you do that too.

Get Charging

Our team is fully trained and qualified. For help with any electric installations, contact us at Claddagh Electrics to book an appointment. We will send you an update when we’re on our way before we get down to work.