Securing a Grant for Solar Installation for your Factory in Ireland

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Title: How Businesses in Ireland Can Save Up to €162,600 on Solar Installations for Their Factory

Adopting solar energy is not only an eco-friendly decision but also a financially strategic move for Irish businesses. At Claddagh Electrics, we specialise in guiding companies through the process of installing solar panels, ensuring maximum savings and efficiency. Here’s how your factory can save up to €162,600 by switching to solar power.

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1. Utilise Government Grants

The Irish government offers substantial grants to encourage businesses to transition to renewable energy. The SEAI provides grants that can cover up to 30% of the total installation costs. At Claddagh Electrics, we can assist you with the grant application process to ensure you get the maximum funding available, significantly reducing your initial expenses[1].

2. Tax Incentives and Accelerated Depreciation

Businesses in Ireland can benefit from the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) scheme, allowing them to write off the full cost of solar panel installations against their taxable profits in the first year. This can result in substantial tax savings, particularly for companies in higher tax brackets[2].

3. Substantial Energy Cost Savings

Generating your own electricity can lead to significant reductions in energy bills. Over the lifespan of a solar system, a typical factory could save up to €120,000, making a substantial positive impact on your operational costs[3].

4. Revenue from Surplus Energy

Factories often produce more electricity than they consume, especially during peak sunlight hours. You can sell any excess electricity back to the grid, providing an additional revenue stream and further reducing the payback period for the solar installation[4].

5. Low Maintenance and Long-Term Savings

Solar panels have minimal maintenance needs, translating into lower operational costs over time. The absence of moving parts means fewer issues and lower maintenance expenses, contributing to long-term financial savings for your business


Contact Us to Maximise Your Savings

At Claddagh Electrics, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire solar installation for your factory process, including assistance with grant applications. Let us help you achieve significant cost savings and make a substantial impact on your energy expenditure. Contact us today to start your journey towards saving up to €162,600 on your solar installation. Call us on 091 865827 or enquire online here.

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