Patrick Geaghan is the proud owner of Claddagh Electrics Ltd.

With over 15 years exp in the electrical industry, where his company has been specialising in all aspects of electrical.Through attention to detail and commitment to his clients needs, Claddagh Electrics Ltd has earned a reputation for excellence, that keeps our clients constantly refering to Claddagh Electrics Ltd with confidence.

Patrick Geaghan

CEO Claddagh Electrics


Expertise and Experience

Empowering a sustainable future, our mission at Claddagh Electrics Ltd is to be a catalyst for renewable energy adoption. Through cutting-edge Solar PV systems, Battery Storage, and EV charging installations, we redefine energy solutions. Committed to excellence, we seamlessly integrate domestic, commercial, and industrial electrics, lighting, and smart home automation, providing innovative and eco-friendly solutions for a brighter and greener world.

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