Securing a Grant for Solar Installation for your Factory in Ireland

factory solar grant

Title: How Businesses in Ireland Can Save Up to €162,600 on Solar Installations for Their Factory Adopting solar energy is not only an eco-friendly decision but also a financially strategic move for Irish businesses. At Claddagh Electrics, we specialise in guiding companies through the process of installing solar panels, ensuring maximum savings and efficiency. Here’s […]

Claddagh Electrics: Installing Solar Panels and Battery Storage on Farms in Galway

solar panels installation galway

🌞 Harness the Power of the Sun with Claddagh Electrics Farming is a vital part of our community and economy, and with the ever-increasing energy costs, it’s crucial to explore sustainable solutions. At Claddagh Electrics, we offer top-of-the-line solar panel and battery storage installations tailored specifically for farms. By switching to solar energy, you can […]